Care for your christmas tree 

Members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association provide high quality Christmas Trees, and their aim is to supply the customer with a tree that is absolutely ideal for the centrepiece of the Christmas celebrations.

Trees which are bought directly from members are grown in accordance with the BCTGA environmental Code of Practice and are guaranteed fresh. Provided care is taken in looking after the tree the tree should survive over 4 weeks. Trees should not be purchased earlier than 1st December if guaranteed satisfaction is demanded.

After you have bought your tree it should be kept outside in a cool shaded place, preferably standing in water, until it is required indoors. Before bringing the tree indoors it is an advantage if about half an inch is cut off the butt in order to open up the pores of the tree. Mount it in a water-holding stand, or wedge it in a bucket with pebbles, small stones or screwed up newspaper, and place it away from direct heat.

Keep the container topped up with water every day;  


Members of the BCTGA cultivate well shaped and sturdy trees specially for the Christmas festivities.
You can only ensure this high quality by buying from a member of this association.



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